Custom Framing Specialist

Unique Framing Ideas

If you would like to have a home filled with personality and one-of-a-kind treasures, custom framing can easily help you achieve it. Many people just have things like art, photos and diplomas framed, but nearly anything can be framed in some fashion. Your local custom framer can create special frame designs to address your unique style and space, to provide the best framing solutions for each item you bring to them.


This recreation of the flag was made by LArson-Juhl customer Tami Phillippi at the FastFrame in Eagan, Minnesota. THe entire flag was made from strips of frame moulding, with the exception of the stars. Tami cut them out on her mat cutter and painted them to match the white stripes. Very Creative!!!

Most of us hang onto objects that came from special moments in our lives. They may be family heirlooms passed down from parents, something relating to the sports or hobbies we love, or souvenirs bvrought back from a wonderful trip.

As seen in the 2011 Framing Fashion Show!
If you do not want your home to wind up looking like your freinds and neighbor's homes, explore the more creative side of custom framing. In this case a portion of a felt game cloth (intended to set out on a table) was framed and set up to look like there is a game in process.

As seen in the 2011 Framing Fashion Show!
If your home lacks storage and art, consider framing something interesting that you don't have a place for. This jewelry is simply sitting on small hooks so it can be lifted off the display and be worn. You can use leftover fabric from curtains or pillows to tie it to your room decor.

As seen in the 2011 Framing Fashion Show!
If you or a friend are the ultimate Elvis fan, have we got a frame design idea for you! This is the jacket from his hit single, Viva Las Vegas. Both the mat and frame have been bejeweled with faux rhinestones to create a design style Elvis would be at home in.

As seen in the 2011 Framing Fashion Show!
Who says frames have to hang on a wall? They can just as easily be used to make trays. You can frame a print, photos, or something like a collection of coins or mine corks. Or have a mirror framed to set under candles and a floral arrangement on a dinner table. It's a great look.

As seen in the 2011 Framing Fashion Show!
Bulletin boards do not have to be boring. You can cover the cork board with a favorite fabric and choose frames to coordinate with your taste and lifestyle. This board is intended for a teenage girls' bedroom, but with a change of frame and background, bulletin boards can also fit a professional's office space, or find a home in your kitchen.


Frame designs can be as creative and original as you and your custom framer choose to make them. All four of these designs are unique and any of them would make a great statement on your walls.

Basic frame designs can also be "dressed up" by displaying the completed pieces in a more creative way. Here is a full alphabet of letters that could fill a large wall for maximum impact.